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Natural Mould Removal


Cleaning Mould with Clove Oil


Making an oil solution:

1. Dilute one teaspoon of Lemon or Clove oil with one litre of water in a spray bottle 2. Apply to surface. 3. Best results are achieved by waiting several hours before washing off (ideally 24 hours if possible).

Carpet 1. Make oil solution (as above) 2. Spray over carpet lightly 3. Leave for 24 hours 4. Vacuum 5. Repeat process if necessary

Ceilings 1. Make oil solution (as above) 2. Cover broom head with light cloth 3. Spray solution over broom head lightly 4. Apply to ceiling lightly using broom 5. Repeat process next day

Kitchen Laminate/benches 1. Make oil solution 2. Spray onto surface 3. Leave for 30 minutes (for persistent mould leave overnight) 4. Scrub with cloth 5. Repeat if needed

Walls 1. Make oil solution (as above) 2. Spray on mould effected wall 3. Allow to dry for 24 hours 4. Dust wall to remove mould 5. Repeat if necessary.

Blinds 1. Make oil solution (as above) 2. Lightly spray blinds 3. Leave for 24 hours 4. Brush away dead mould spores

Clove Oil Uses: Use to help: As an antiseptic and pain-reliever, clove essential oil relieves toothaches, flu, colds, and bronchial congestion. But don’t try to use it straight on a baby’s gums for teething as is often suggested, or you may end up with a screaming baby because it tastes so strong and hot. Instead mix only two drops of clove bark oil in at least a teaspoon of vegetable oil. It can still be hot, however, so try it in your own mouth first. Then apply it directly to the baby’s gums. In a heating liniment, clove essential oil helps sore muscles and arthritis.

Clove oil is a great way to clean & kills mould and its spores!

  • Burners and vaporizers

  • In vapor therapy, clove oil can be useful for bronchitis and dizziness and to help lift depression, while strengthening memory and fighting weakness and lethargy.

  • Massage oil

  • Clove oil can be used in a blended massage oil to assist with diarrhea, bronchitis, chills, colds, muscular numbness, spasms, rheumatism and arthritis. For toothache the outer jaw can be massaged with this oil.

  • Use a low dilution of less than 1%.

  • In cream or lotion

  • When used in a cream or lotion, the positive effects of clove oil are the same as those of a massage oil and can furthermore help to sort out leg ulcers and skin sores.

  • Use in low dilution of less than 1%.

  • Mouthwash

  • Clove oil can be included at a low rate as part of a mouthwash for toothache.

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