Weleda MEN Active Shower Gel 200ml Weleda Men Active Shower Gel 200ml

  • This uniquely masculine scented shower gel contains refreshing ingredients of stimulating rosemary oil, lemony may chang, and men’s favourite vetiver – a mildly antiseptic grass with a warm, woody undertone. 


    These refreshing ingredients in this shower gel can effectively remove dirt, sweat and odours from the body while imparting an invigorating scent that energises the body and mind.



    What are the key features and benefits of the Weleda Men Active Shower Gel?


    • Invigorating and refreshing on tired skin
    • Removes dirt, sweat and odours
    • Non-drying on the skin
    • Foaming formula
    • Non-harmful to the Earth
    • Gel formula
    • Fresh, masculine scent
    • 100% natural



    How do you use the Weleda Men’s Active Shower Gel?


    The Weleda Men’s Shower Gel is best used in the morning or after a big workout due to its refreshing formula. Simply combine with water using your hands or use a loofah to give your body the full rub down.



    What’s not in the Weleda Men’s Shower Gel?


    • Gluten free
    • Mineral oil free
    • Free from synthetic substances
    • Artificial fragrance free
    • No added colourants
    • Vegan
    • Paraben free
    • Sulphate free