Hand spun and hand wound, the fuchsia coloured hemp twine is a delight for so many uses. Perfect for gift wrapping, in the garden, for macramé creations and for scrapbooking. Also perfect for beading jewellery as the twine is a strong yet flexible fibre.


Crocheting and knitting hemp twine is very much in vogue. Possibilities for making are hemp body washers, place mats , belts, handbags and what about a pet collar as the hemp twine is naturally antibacterial and antifungal.
As the twine is hand spun. each ball may vary in thickness.
Hemp is the strongest and most durable natural fibre known to mankind . Hemp can be grown in 2 months, does not require herbicides or pesticides, and uses a fraction of water compared to cotton. Hemp is also naturally mildew resistant and antibacterial.
Bagdha Enterprise in Bangladesh has years of experience producing hemp products. Many of these women artisans are able to work in teams out of their homes to hand spin the hemp twine. This natural fibre is then made into a unique variety of products which are outstanding in craftsmanship and design.

Twine Hemp Fuchsia 50 Metres