100% Natural Oral Care, essential oil tooth care

Tooth Tonic - Original Mint

  • Oral health is essential to overall health. Tooth Tonic is made exclusively from essential oils to keep you and your mouth in a state of wellness. Its strong antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties promote dental health by protecting and nourishing your teeth - and your gums. That's right, Tooth Tonic can help stop gingivitis (receding gums) in its tracks.  
    It's pure, clean minty freshness in a bottle.*And it tastes yummy!

    Directions for use:
    Rinse mouth
    Floss well, all the way up and down teeth in each direction.
    Rinse again.
    Add just 2 drops of Tooth Tonic to a dry tooth brush and brush as usual.
    If you have a sore spot, give it some extra attention with loving soft brushing. 
    Rinsing  after is optional. 

    *One 20ml bottle provides approximately 200 applications.