HARVEST Magazine - summer 2015, volume 1

The Complete Vegetable - Mushroom

  • Harvest is a quarterly cultural/lifestyle magazine for creative adventurers who are hands on and interested in beautiful design. It explores the full story of the vegetable both socially and organically. It encourages a re-connection with our surroundings and food sources. Each edition will feature a vegetable that is in season during the publication period and cover an in depth focus on the recipes nutrition, history, uses, myths, sotires and everything else about it.

    We are a trio of final year design students creating our grad project: a magazine exploring all our passions and skills. We are a collection of designers, with each bringing their own unique skills. Eltanin is an illustrator, Lewie a photographer, and Genevieve a writer. We fit together perfectly, and all understand how we want our project to unfold.

    Momentarily this project was just a demonstration of our skills and how well we could make people be absolutely impressed with us. But we are completely in love with what we do, and this is so much more than an excuse to draw cute pictures and make some lovely layouts in a style we all appreciate before we hit the real world and need to comply with client briefs. This is our passion. It makes us froth.