A South Amercian Chocolate “Chai” with a difference

This traditional herbal tea is a South Amercian Chocolate “Chai” with a difference.

A balancing blend which is considered to be a cleanser to the gross and subtle energy fields of the body, enlivening and brings clarity to the feeling centre and nervous systems.

Soul Fire Cocoa Mate Bliss Tea 125g

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  • A traditional South American Style Chocolate Chai Tea based on raw Cocoa, Yerba Mate and Spices. It’s properties are cleansing to the subtle nervous system, invoking clear, free energy to enjoy the celebration of friendship when sharing this drink with friends, or when reflecting in meditation alone. Blessings to All who receive this.

    It was said that Yerba Mate was introduced by Pa’i Shume, the god of health and medicine. When received in weak amounts it is a cleanser to the auric field, opening the field to a much greater  capacity of feeling and clarity.

    In South America, Peppermint and Vanilla Bean are used as natural sweeteners, and together with these other nourishing herbs, creates a delicious “Chocolate Chai”.

    Traditionally, this is drunk from a Mate Cup with a Bombilla ( a straw with a built-in tea strainer), however, this is another way to enjoy -

  • The Art of making and receiving Cocoa Mate’ Bliss :-

    • 1 dessert spoon per mug size
    • 2 dessert spoon per small tea pot
    • Take a teapot with a strainer, or a plunger
    • Add amount desired plus the whole vanilla bean, or cut in half to fit.
    • Pour boiling water or your favourite milk
    • Leave to steep for 5-6 minutes
    • Swirl or stir before pouring through strainer into the cup
    • Keep stirring throughout drinking to keep the flavour and aroma moving

    At the end take the vanilla bean, rinse it under water, and leave to dry in a clean place. Then it is ready for reuse when you have your next cup of Cocoa Mate’ Bliss.

    Take a moment and close your eyes; take a deep breath; smell the spicy chocolate aroma; Sip it; taste it, feel it, enjoy it !

    Add milk or honey to taste if you wish.

    This drink can be made on milk by doing the same process in a saucepan on the stove, if you don’t have  a tea pot or plunger.