Raw, certified organic cacao powder.

Soul Fire Cocoa Genesis 100g

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  • Rich bitter dark chocolate Deliciously deep and Aromatic.

    This 100% pure Certified Organic raw cocoa powder is rich bitter dark, deliciously deep and Aromatic. Cocoa in its raw form; prior to the creation of the the modern day chocolate that we know, is actually one of the most abundant, rich and nutritious foods. According to South American traditions, Cocoa is a Divine Gift to the world.

    Great for drinking or adding to your favorite chocolate cake or other yummy recipes!

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  • The Art of making and receiving Cocoa Genesis Bliss:

    1 Dessert spoon per mug size ( Long Brown ) OR try it Turkisk Coffee Style. Add Rapadura for sweetener1 Teaspoon per small cup size ( Short Brown) Add Boiling water, and stir in until dissolved.Keep stirring as you drink it to keep the energy and flavour moving.Add a pinch of Vanilla or Cayenne Pepper for a little extra Soul Fire.

    Cocoa is traditionally received as a drink, and the traditional name for this is “ cacahuatl” or “chocolatl”, which comes from the sound of it being made…”choco” of the mixing in the wooden bowl with “atl“ , water.

    Xocoatl was the name given when Cayenne Pepper was added to it. Take a moment; close your eyes; take a deep breath; smell the deep rich chocolate aroma. Sip it, taste it; feel it; enjoy it !

    You might like to try it as a Cocoalatte, Cocoacino, or Cocoa Affagatto, by adding your favourite milk.

    Other suggestions: Well, they are endless. It can be used in many way.