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Mould Control: Cleaner Spray is your Chemical Free Anti-Mould solution, for any tricky mould patches or areas you need to clean. Bacteria can grow and spread quickly, so its important to hit it at the source, and get it cleaned right away.
We can help with that, and sanitise the area at the same time, ensuring you get the thorough clean your
home or workplace deserves.


Simply spray, leave for 10 minutes, and wipe clean.


It may require some scrubbing, if the Mould problem has been there some time, is in fabric, carpet, or tile grout, but it will remove any organic matter and substance from the mould patch so you can be sure your surface is clean and ok to use.


TGA Approved, Food Safe ,Child Safe, Leave on Sanitiser and an Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser

Mould Control - Cleaner Spray 500ml

  • SAN-AIRtm was especially developed to address an issue commonly known as "Sick Building Syndrome".  In the last few years there has been heightened recognition that our living space needs to be cleaned more frequently than was previously thought necessary, to stop the accumulation of unwanted germs.


    The result of our research is the creation of SAN-AIRtm, an environmentally responsible product that delivers effective mould and microbe control in all enclosed spaces including home, office, cars and more. 


    SAN-AIRtm is a unique and proprietary mix of selected Australian organic essential oils. It is blended to produce a product with powerful microbial reduction properties at low dosage.


    Other less effective anti-microbial products are at significantly higher concentration and provide poor results. These high concentration levels are unpleasant for people in the room; like bleach products. SAN-AIRtm is the exact opposite.


    SAN-AIRtm is:

    • highly effective at low levels of concentration,
    • smells pleasant - unlike other cleaning products,
    • is safe to use in any environment.