Organic Tea Towel Blue Wren

  • Quick Overview

    • Australian Certified Organic cotton
    • Tea Towel with embroidered male and female Blue Wrens.
    • Size - 70cm x 42cm approx.

    • Featuring Australian grasses and the Blue Wrens. The Splendid Wren has an average size of approx. 14cm and is an ever-popular little bird.
    • Designed in Australia
    • Water based inks meeting organic standard
    • Machine washable
    • Imported
    • Packaged in box made from recycled card and printed with soy based inks
    • The Bud Logo (ACO) is the organic symbol widely recognised and trusted and is used by more certified operators than any other in Australia
    • The Linen Press is a Carbon Neutral business


    Australian Certified Organic cotton. Designed in Australia. Printed with water based dyes. Featuring repeat print of Australian native grasses and embroidered Blue Wren. The Splendid Fairywren, also known simply as the Splendid Wren has an average size of approx. 14cm. and is an ever-popular little bird, highly social and lives in a close-knit family group. The breeding season is from spring through to early summer, with all the group helping to feed the young. They are commonly found throughout Central and Western Australia. When threatened, breeding fairy wrens can put on quite a show, pretending injury and luring predators away from the nest.