Perfect for your handbag, gym bag, toiletries bag, or keep one in the car.



At MgLIFE, we believe we make the most pure, concentrated magnesium oil on the market.

  • MgLIFE is made from organically sourced magnesium chloride, with a 4-year maturation. We use only the purest Australian organically certified ingredients.
  • Our oils are highly concentrated, not diluted or made from flakes like many others on the market. Use less, gain more.
  • Our oils are unscented and made purely from natural elements.
  • MgLIFE has a superior feel and will not leave a white sulphate residue on your skin.
  • We scientifically test the magnesium content during each bottling run. Unlike other products on the market we have the results to prove our product is of the highest strength and quality.
  • At MgLIFE we use a premium serum dispenser on each bottle for easy application and to avoid any clogging that can happen when using a generic spray top.

When you use MgLIFE, you help restore your magnesium levels in an easy, relaxing way.

Organic Magnesium Oil – 125ml