Double Or Nothing - Coffee Alchymists

Tasting notes for this bean



Its smells like hazelnuts. After tasting follows through with cocoa with a toffee finish. Fine balance between acidity and nuts. Also good in immersion brewing.


Fully Washed Caturra,Typica
Sun Dried



Excelso , Colombia 1650 masl
Santos, Brazil 1500 masl

coffee - ESPRESSO BLEND / BEANS 500g

  • Double Or Nothing - Coffee Alchymists is a small batch coffee roaster and coffee shop in Tyalgum NSW Australia. There home base is only a few meters away from Earth Heartbeat shop!!
    Double or Nothing coffee specialises in high graded coffee. This coffee will make you feel you are in a higher state everyday.


    We choose to support Coffee Alchymists as they practice the high art of coffee roasting & making. They source green coffee beans from the maker & are sure they get and good dollar for there bean, and they are local so we are sure that coffee miles are reduced.

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The Earth Heartbeat is located in the charming little village of Tyalgum, found amidst a majestic backdrop of Mt. Warning and the Border Ranges National Park in Northern NSW Australia.

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