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The Earth Heartbeat is located in the charming little village of Tyalgum, found amidst a majestic backdrop of Mt. Warning and the Border Ranges National Park in Northern NSW Australia.

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An aromatic energy imbued synergy to keep handy to restore your balance through the day.


Roll onto your pulse points (wrists, ankles, temples, third eye, heart chakra) and breath deeply to receive the soothing, calming and strengthening benefits.


Can also be used as subtle perfume and cuticle treatment.

99% Certified Organic, 100% natural, 5 active ingredients

Light Haven Oil - roll on 10ml

  • "Be held in a haven of light,
    enfused with alchymeic golden bliss,
    Until reborn in a new dawn"


    From the tips of your toes to the top of your crown
    There are so many uses available to us with Light Haven oil, we are here to name a few:

    1. Light Haven as an enlivening body perfume
    Firstly we can anoint ourselves in a heavenly embrace touching the roll-on light haven to pulse points and meridian lines from the tips of your toes to the top of your crown... Starting at your feet to ground the scent sweep the oil up and over the top of your feet resting at the insides of your ankles in small circular swirls. Continue up the insides of your legs, again encircling inside and behind the knees. Many of you may wish to perfume your navels in circular swirls sweeping up the front along your breast - bone tracing the oil along the throat and up along the back of the neck into that small area. Perfume your temples, in small circular swirls and your third eye in this fashion. Lastly anoint your wrists and follow up the insides of your arms.
    You are now truly scented and smell delightful, embraced in a 'light haven'.

    2. Light Haven for a hand manicure
    A wonderful way to use the precious oil is quite simply a cuticle serum for the nails. Simply outline the cuticle beds of your nails and gently push back the cuticle. Used over your entire nail results in a lovely rosy sheen to polish the nails. Massage over your knuckles in small circles to release any tension in the joints trace along the length of your fingers and the entire length of your hands to ease and nourish the skin on the backs of your hands. Finish by gently joining the backs of the hands together, massaging them on completion. The skin on your hands will glow with beauty and will feel soft and supple.

    3. Light Haven as an eye serum
    This is truly a graceful way to care for the delicate skin under the eyes, taking care. Note not to actually get it in the eye itself. Trace the underneath eye area gently, smoothing away puffiness and dark circles. Do this morning and night and or when ever the skin under the eyes feels tight or dry. You will be amazed at the results.

    4. Light Haven as a lip serum
    Rejuvenating, moisturising, enhancing the lusciousness of your lips. To soften and sooth dry cracked lips. Simply roll over your lips on their own or to enhance any colour you may wish to apply. Creating a lovely lip, gloss for a glossy effect.

    5. Light Haven, as an exquisite facial treatment.
    For luminous, radiant healthy skin, pour a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand. Joining the palms together to create an energetic synergy, infusing the oil with warmth. Cup both hands over your eyes, and massage gently over your entire face and throat. Letting the essential oils penetrate deeply into the pores of your skin. There is no need to wash this serum off, let it absorb into the depth of your skin.
    Hydrating, Replenishing and Rejuvenating.

    6. Light Haven as an all over Body Massage Oil
    It is always a lovely moment when you massage your body with this precious oil. The precious oils are absorbed into the skin via the hair follicles, allowing them to diffuse into the blood and lymph. The massage technique you engage will activate nerve endings and stimulate the circulation of the blood easing the entry of the oils. Simply start at your feet and work your way up your entire body front and back. Either in long fluid sweeps or really, work the oil into your muscles, for the desired effect e.g. relaxing or stimulating.

    7. Light Haven as a belly oil for pregnant and new mothers.
    Light Haven Oil has been delighted in by many new mums who use the oil in their third trimester all over their belly and after birth, massaging the oil gently into their belly, breathing deeply and inviting a graceful birth and recovery... "until reborn in a new dawn"

    8. Light Haven as a luxurious bath and shower oil
    To indulge in a heavenly bath simply pour a tablespoon of Light Haven oil into the warm running water fills your bath. Take a moment and swoon in the infinite divine.
    Invite a peaceful nights sleep as the Lavender and Benzoin work together to relax your body mind and spirit. You may even add bath salts to further enhance the therapeutic qualities of Light Haven. Concentrate on your breathing, empty your mind and let the oils soothe away stresses and strains. After a 15 to 20 minute soak slowly get out wrapping yourself in a large warm towel and gently patting your skin dry so as not to rub off the precious oils.

    9. Light Haven as a hair oil conditioning treatment
    Simply massage the oil through your hair, especially on long tresses to luxuriate and nourish the quality of your hair, leave on for a few hours or overnight. Massage your scalp to increase the blood supply to the hair shaft, whilst releasing tension in the temples, cranium and crown area. Simply wash away with Synthesis 345 Shampoo and fortify with Synthesis 345 Conditioner. You will be delighted at the silkiness and softness. This treatment can be used weekly to really enhance the condition of your hair.

    10. Light Haven to further enhance the benefits of dry skin brushing
    Use after skin brushing and showering for healthy, glowing skin. Regular skin brushing with a Synthesis 345 natural fibre brush before your shower is an excellent health practice. After this effective exfoliation, when your skin is especially receptive to the nurturing oils, smooth light haven over your whole body for supple, clear and beautiful skin.

    Also.... Light Haven is beautiful idea for a gift.


  • Light Haven comprises of a delightful bouquet of 6 essential ingredients;

    Certified Organic Jojoba Oil
    Jojoba is highly penetrating, and is the base of our Light Haven Oil
    It is a liquid wax enhancing the qualities of the skins precious mantle, sebum. A natural golden colour Jojoba contains proteins and minerals.

    Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil
    Used for its sweetness and fluidity. This high quality nut oil is a great emollient for softening and conditioning the skin and hair. It is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, also calcium phosphorus and magnesium. Sweet almond oil is light and penetrates easily, promotes elasticity, slowes wrinkling, relieves itching, soreness, dryness and inflammation of the skin.

    Certified Organic Flowers of Lavender
    Lavender 'Officinalis' is light floral and refreshing. Lavender has the effect of promoting new skin cells and exerts a balancing action on the sebum. Soothing and ideal for troubled skin or hair. Aromatherapy benefits of balancing, soothing, normalising, calming, relaxing and healing.
    Lavender is not only enhanced in its action by being mixed with other oils but also heightens the action of any other oil of with which it is mixed.

    4. White Grapefruit
    Grapefruit is 'sunny' and floral, 'citrusy' and exotic. Recognised for its beautification qualities. Mentally enlivening. It is yellow green in colour with a fresh, citrus aroma. Closely resembling the fruit. One of the most important distinctions between Grapefruit and other Citrus oils is that it is not a photosensitiser. Grapefruit is the perfect oil for fluid retention, cellulite and other conditions where toxins are not being eliminated effectively, being, a diuretic, detoxifier and a stimulant of the lymphatic system. It is a good tonic for the skin and scalp.

    5. Certified Organic Australian Sandalwood
    Sandalwood is a wonderful warm, sweet woody balsamic fragrance, adored by men and women. It is known to be very balancing and grounding coming from the inner heartwood of the revered Tree, 'Sandalwood'. Traditionally used to protect and strengthen. With high levels of anti-microbial agents, sandalwood's claimed therapeutic properties include among many others...
    being an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti spasmodic and a natural diuretic. As, an emollient it soothes and softens dry dehydrated skins. Sandalwood also aids oily congested skin.

    6. Certified Organic Lindera Benzoin
    Benzoin is very soothing and stimulating. It is also very warming. Because of this ability it is very good at getting things moving in the body. Benzoin has the ability to heal many kinds of skin complaints. It marries expertly with Lavender creating a synergy effect 'where the sum is greater than its parts'.
    Benzoin has a beautiful warm uniquely sweet relaxing scent remniscent of Vanilla. It is also a natural preservative and antioxidant with has both antiseptic properties.

    "A haven, as a port in a storm, is that place we are able to retreat to in order to heal and gather our strength, after having been severely taxed by the episodes of ordinary life that come to gather all our energy and leave us in ruins. A light haven is as a womb of golden light in which we can be restored, even evolved, so we are able to deal with the dreadful circumstance of this world by bringing our simple enjoyment of our relationship to that which is greater than this life, to this life. Be held therefore always in this Truth and in this way be free of the search for happiness by being held in the light that is happiness."