hand made paper mobile, fairtrade from Thailand

Hand-Made Mobile Umbrella elephants

  • This is a colourful enchanting mobile that would brighten any room. The umbrella opens  out from which the graduated lengths of colourful elephants  or butterflies and  hearts hang. Each Elephant/ butterfly also has a small bell hanging from it to  create a tinkly sound when blowing in the breeze.

    These mobiles are made by  a group of women in a poor community in Chiang Rai, Northern  Thailand.The name of the artisan group is Ban Nong Salap. There are  fifty women involved in the group. From the sale of the craft, the  ladies are able to pay for their childrens education. To make the saa  paper, mulberry bark is placed in water overnight and then the mulberry pulp is sifted through a square seive. It is then dried in  the sun for several days before the layers are piled on top of each  other and adhered with glue to make the required thickness.

    The mobile is  approximately 25 cms wide and 55 cms long.
    The  colours of each mobile varies

    Purchased from ThaiCraft Fair Trade

    Your purchase directly helps to keep alive Thailands rich and diverse village craft heritage. Their quality crafts are created with much time, patience and talent by women and men who have adapted their indigenous skills to achieve self-reliance for their families and communities.

    Behind every craft is a fascinating story of people , many of whom face difficulties. ThaiCraft links them to you through  fair trade,by paying fair prices, ensuring good working conditions and caring for the environment. Profits are used to provide capacity building training and offer financial benefits in all parts of Thailand.