Marerials: Graphite Pencil on 100% recycled, hand-made collon rag

Dimentions: A4 (27.5 x 21 cm)

Presentation: framless clip glass frame (shows decaled edges of the paper)


Origonal Artwork 2019

Artist: Bea The Fall of Stars




Classified Threatened by the IUCN


Found in China


Giant pandas are recognised around the world for their distinctive black and white coats. They have evolved to feed primarily on bamboo, and consume up to 12.5 kg every day in order to meet their energy requirements. Pandas are also excellent climbers, with cubs able to clamber up tree trunks when they are just six months old.

Today, giant pandas are only found in the Qinling, Minshan, Qionglai Shan, Liangshan, D Ailuropoda melanoleucaaxiangling, and Xiaoxiang Mountains of Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu Provinces. They inhabit deciduous broadleaf, mixed conifer, and subalpine coniferous forests between elevations of 1200-1300 metres above sea level.

Ongoing conservation work has improved the number of pandas in the wild, providing hope that it is possible to reverse the decline of species populations through sustained action and political will.