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The very large and colorful Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao) - also known as Red-and-yellow, Red-breasted or Red-yellow-and-blue Macaws - are endemic to the Central and South American rain forests.

They are usually observed flying in pairs or in family groups. Occasionally, larger groups are feeding high up in the canopy or other favored feeding sites.

They have very powerful beaks that can generate a pressure of 500 up to 2,000+ psi (pounds per square inch). Humans, for example, average a bite force of around 150 psi. These powerful birds are capable of crushing or opening even the hardest nuts and seeds.

In flight, these birds can reach speeds of up to 35 miles / 56 km per hour.

These birds are on the endangered species list due to loss of their natural habitat caused by deforestation, as well as illegal capturing of chicks and adults for the international pet trade. Locals also hunt them for their meat and decorative feathers.


Gift Card - Scarlet Macaw