non-toxic primer paint

EcoStyle Primer 10L

    • ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Primer is a non-toxic, water-bourne primer that is designed to ensure excellent adhesion of ROCKCOTE EcoStyle paints to surfaces, to increase durability, and provide additional protection to the material being painted. It is also tintable to most popular colours. ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Primer is zero VOC, low-odour and has no ammonia, which means newly painted spaces can be occupied sooner, without associated health issues. It is also much healthier for the painter or applicator. Once dry, ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Primer is hard, with sandable finish that provides the perfect base for subsequent top coats.


    • ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Primer is suitable for application over properly prepared substrates such as concrete, cement sheeting, white-set, timber and Plasterboard
    • Can be used interior and exterior
    • Water based
    • Tintable to popular colours
    • High performance and quality
    • Free of dangerous chemicals.
    • Very low roller spatter
    • High level of adhesion.
    • Will not support the growth of mould, mildew or fungi
    • 15 year warranty when used as part of a full ROCKCOTE system
    • No fumes or off gassing
    • Resists dirt & stains
    • Long term interior and exterior protection
    • GECA Certified