OCKCOTE EcoStyle Ceiling White is a premium quality, very low VOC [Volatile Organic Compound] water-borne paint manufactured using high quality resins and binders.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Ceiling White is ideal for users who are health conscious and concerned about environmental air polution and indoor air quality.

Areas painted with ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Ceiling White have no lingering paint fumes or problems arising from residual chemical off gassing.

EcoStyle Ceiling White 15L

  • Features: 
    • Water based
    • High performance and quality
    • Free of dangerous chemicals
    • Very low roller spatter
    • Excellent opacity
    • Ultra Flat finish
    • Will not support the growth of mould, mildew or fungi
    • 15 year warranty when used as part of a full ROCKCOTE system
    • No fumes or off gassing.
    • Resists dirt & stains
    • Long term interior protection
    • User friendly
    • ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Ceiling White is suitable for application over properly prepared substrates such as concrete, cement sheeting, white-set, timber and Plasterboard
    • Interior use only

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