powder to whiten teeth.

Black Whitener 10g

  • Black Whitener is a powder that has been developed to gently cleanse, whiten and remineralise your teeth with healthy and edible ingredients. It comes in a handy 10g personal jar and should be used in conjunction with Tooth Tonic.    

    Directions: Black Whitener contains mild abrasives. It should be used only twice weekly. Apply two drops of Tooth Tonic to your toothbrush and dip into the jar to thoroughly coat the brush. Brush as normal. The ingredients can aid in maintaining strong teeth and bones. 

    Please avoid using while on medication (as absorption of coconut charcoal and green clay may obstruct medicine’s absorption).

  • Ingredients in alphabetical order:

    Active Coconut Charcoal:  Pitch black, this activated charcoal (aka activated carbon) is in the form of a super-fine powder. One of its health benefits is teeth whitening. Other benefits include eradicating more than 4000 toxins - chemicals, drugs and wastes - from the body, and restoring the body to its natural condition.

    Bentonite Clay:  Edible Bentonite Clay is one of nature's strongest antiseptics. It has a strong anti-inflammatory property, is haemostatic (stops the flow of blood), speeds up the process of cellular knitting (draws tissue together), re-mineralises the system, deeply cleanses and draws impurities and toxins out of the body due to its highly absorptive property.

    Coral Calcium:  Tooth enamel is comprised of 97 percent minerals by weight; coral calcium is 96 percent calcium with 73 trace minerals. This coral calcium is 100% eco safe as it is only harvested above sea; it is as fine as talcum powder and easily absorbed through the mouth. Coral calcium contains all the minerals found in the human body and has the ability to rapidly enter the blood stream.

    Licorice Root:  Taken internally, licorice is a soothing substance that protects damaged or inflamed tissue. An expectorant (that assists in expelling mucus from the lungs and throat), licorice root is commonly used to treat colds and sore throats. It is soothing to the gut and works as an effective liver cleanser and blood detoxifier when combined with other herbs. Licorice's key therapeutic compound, glycyrrhizin (50 times sweeter than sugar) has several beneficial effects on the body, making it a valuable herb for treating a host of ailments, including gingivitus. 

    Turmeric:studies of turmeric have revealed antimicrobial properties. Due to its astringent, anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties it tones the gums and destroys bacteria whose acidic wastes cause cavities.