Non-toxic House Paint & Wood Oils

Earth Heartbeat retails both ROCKCOTE & LIVOS ranges. We do not stock large amounts in store, but instead buy in to special order! This way you can be assured your product is fresh. With the paints you can choose the exact colour that you heart desires. We can ask our ROCKCOTE paint supplier in Qeensland Australia to mix up batches especially for you.  All you have to do is give us you're desired colour on a swatch from any paint company.

Paint & create your home free of toxic fumes :) painting your home can be lots of fun when you do not have to contend with toxicity coming from your paint & oil finishes xxx


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ECO STYLE PAINTS – Used for Interior or Exterior



(All Rockcote products come in three different sizes: 1 litre, 4 litre & 15 litre)

EcoStyle Gloss: dries to a tough, scrubbable, high gloss finish. Best suited to doors and trims.

EcoStyle Satin: dries to a tough, scrubbable semi gloss finish. Best suited to doors and walls.

EcoStyle Low Sheen: Dries to a tough and durable low sheen finish. Excellent for walls.

EcoStyle Flat: dries to an attractive and stylish flat finish. For walls and ceilings.

Ecostyle Sealer/Undercoat: dries to a hard, sandable finish that provides excellent adhesion for subsequent top coats. (Straight white colour)

EcoStyle Ceiling White
Super flat, designed specifically for ceilings.
Premium Ceiling White
For commercial ceilings; easy to touch up. Flat finish with excellent opacity.
(Straight Ceiling White Colour. Request cost if would like colour added.)

note - Prices for Rockcote paints are similar or less expensive than all our other local paint suppliers, and the paint applies like any other conventional brand. Very user freindly with zero VOC content.... so its win win!!!!

Can match ANY colour

Get a colour swatch from any paint suplier and write down the brand, and its code details (that is all that is needed). They can even match to a unique colour swatch.

Benefits of ROCKCOTE EcoStyle:

~ One paint for interior and exterior application


~ Outstanding performance and durability


~ Resists stains, dirt, mould, mildew and fungi


~ Scrubbable and easy to clean


~ Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)


~ Free from dangerous chemicals and solvents


~ Ideal for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferers


~ Low odour


~ Excellent adhesion


~ Unlimited colour range


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