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- About Earth Heartbeat -


   Our Name & Logos


Our name Earth Heartbeat is a reminder of the vulnerability and wonder of the delicate balance of the natural world.
The ‘Heartbeat’ is the resonant frequency, the vibratory current of the Earth, measurable since the 1950’s. For years it has been stable at about eight cycles per second.

Now it is speeding up.

Some say this is due to stress, others say it is part of a cosmic event synchronistic with a shift for humanity to a new consciousness.

As we are not separate from Earth, many of us are feeling the impact of the increased vibration - both as an invitation and a pressure to adapt to a new way of existing.

Earth Heartbeat moves to serve people and planet at this time. Our products a reminder of ways we can create a more sustainable and heartfelt relationship to our living & breathing environment in which we depend.

By building our vitality, reducing the stress and toxicity we face on a daily basis and enjoying organic products created by people with passion and care, we connect with the innate healing force that can balance and restore harmony, giving us the free energy to live our greatest potential.

As we go through a healing, so too does the Earth.


Our logo emphasizes the Heart while honoring The Thin Green Line upon which our Earth still rests…. Don’t let the Earth flatline…













Our 4 panel logo is a hieroglyph, it is meant to be evocative, seen as a whole, inviting us to remember…














“may we all be moved

to protect the most vulnerable

and to respect the forces of nature.”

The plant shoot and the seal pup symbolise new life, representing the most vulnerable; the mighty whale and the lightning represent vital energy and the intensity, two of the great forces of nature.

The sum of the four panels is a unity of presence, lifting us to a greater contemplation that inspires human compassion, understanding and love as action.

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