Synthesis is certified organic by OFC, accredited by the Organic Federation of Australia and monitored by the Australian Government’s Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS). Our OFC certification number is 0493.

Every aspect of the farming and processing practices is externally audited to ensure we strictly adhere to the comprehensive set of rules known as ‘the Organic Standard’.

Reaching a certified organic standard is different from merely saying our products are organic or have some organic ingredients.


They carry the official logos on our products of third party agents who have checked that they really are using organic and organic approved ingredients and no synthetic chemicals and that our facilities are suitable for producing organic products. These agents are approved by the Australian Governments to check that the whole chain that reaches from the farm all the way to these products on the shelf have met these requirements as well. This includes appropriate transport, no chemical pest control, no mixing of non-organic and organic products.

Having these official logos is the ONLY WAY to be sure a product is truly organic and chemical free as unfortunately the industry is rife with products claiming to be organic that simply are not.

The 'OFC' is Australia's fastest growing organic certification body and is recognised internationally with a higher standard than the UK's Soil association or the European ECOCERT and a parallel standard with the USA's certification. OFC certified products must have a minimum of 95% certified organic and 100% natural ingredients.

The OFC is also accredited with USDA, NOP, NAFF and the European Union as a certifying body, and registered as JAS-ANZ AS/NSZ ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance Company accredited by the SGS International.

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