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- About Earth Heartbeat -

Where are we?


The Earth Heartbeat is located in the charming little village of Tyalgum, found amidst a majestic backdrop of Mt. Warning and the Border Ranges National Park in Northern NSW Australia....

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A few photos below of our Murwillumah store  -


What Are we all about?
Earth Heartbeat has evolved and changed shape many times over the 14 years since it's inception. Earth Heartbeat has very much been it's own living organism, moving to grow with the world changing around it.
Earth Heartbeat at present has been gestating a new form and vision of which is very down to earth and practical. Our passion is health, well-being and supporting a positive human ecology. With the products that we stock, we have moved when possible to source them locally, supporting local economy and small producers, as opposed to international products which may have greater access to higher technologies & processes - we are here to support and grow local industry, this choice also cancels out travel miles/ a bigger carbon footprint.
As well as local producers, we are also beginning to including a broader spectrum with Local Artisians product and services. As it is the local producers ans Artisians who are our silent  warriors of sustainability - locallising production of goods, putting the heart and hand back into the product you are purchasing. In our age, it seems a majority of Artisians & local produce & in our area of the world are moving naturally toward non-toxic, sustainable and ethical goods.
Our Journey...


Earth Heartbeat started as a showroom for a number of small local businesses, drawn together by a shared passion - creating and promoting products and spaces that make a positive difference to the environment and to our community.


We began as a small retail store in Murwillumbah in 2005 under the name 'The Thin Green Line'. The core businesses/ brands of the store produce, design and process a range of organic products: skin and body care, room sprays, cleaning products, cocoa products, buckwheat pancake mix, ghee, bedding, bath towels, specialized yoga mats, meditation cushions, underwear, hair garlands, clothing and cleaning products.


Earth Heartbeat (known as The Thin Green Line at this time), in conjunction with Synthesis 345 skin care, sought and gained organic certification from the Organic Food Chain, one of Australia's largest and internationally recognised certifiers. This helped many of the other small businesses to access certified organic processing facilities for their products under the umbrella of Earth Heartbeat. 


Earth Heartbeat travelled to Melbourne in 2007 and Sydney in 2008 to exhibit in the largest Organic Expo in Australasia The Organic Expo and Green show.  Through a co-operative effort, all these smaller businesses got a chance to gain an even greater audience. 


At each of these expos, one of the small local businesses that Earth Heartbeat had presented went on to win awards. Sunworks Ghee - Silver Medal for best organic food in the whole of Australasia at the Organic Expo 2007. Royal Routine certified organic cotton and Fair-Trade underwear then won gold medal in 2008 for the best non-food organic product of the whole expo! In 2010 Synthesis 345 recieved an award for is purity of ingredients.


In September of 2008, an opportunity was presented to expand into a larger, more exposed commercial space on the corner of Commercial & Wharf St (across the road from our little showroom). This was a huge leap, establishing Earth Heartbeat as a business in its own right, as much more than a showroom for our local businesses. Of course, the same spirit of co-operation and community remained at the heart of our impulse to do so. We expanded the stock and set the space up so it can be used for workshops and screenings, and created a private beauty / treatment / practitioner room out the back.

As with all our projects, we approached the move with much gusto and enthusiasm, delighted to be able to put into practice much of our ecological research.


A team of us worked day and night to be open for 'Speed On Tweed' at the end of that month, renovating the entire space and moving in 10 days!



Australia Day 2011 our store made yet another leap - we moved or beloved shop and created a beautiful boutique store in our very own little wooden cottage in Tyalgum - just 25min drive into the pristine caldera mountain scape from the township of Murwillumbah.


The image below is a photo of our litlle eco-cottage shop on our first arival. Since being in the new shop much has been brought to the space to uplift the building and to create a buautiful little eco-store with a big heart!  It was not long after our move that we also underwent the rebranding and change of name from The Thin Green Line to Earth Heartbeat!
















Earth Heartbeat has begun to move again to establish new relationships with local and likeminded busnesses.

We have also been a part of helping to create a diverse of culture of shops with Heart in Tyalgum... adding to the charm that we hope that people to feel invited by - to want to come and visit this sweet little town. Appealing to travellers from Brisbane right down to Lismore. As we are on a tourist trail here, we also experience many international travellers as well as from other Australian States.

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